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About Us

Hypercraze garments are dyed in the USA by the world leader in research and development in thermochromic fabric. They are processed in Sydney Australia by 'Hodz Dezign' under the global brand Hypercraze. 
The Company was established after many years of research and development into supply and demand in the thermochromic market. Hypercraze use cutting edge thermochromics that out perform any competitor with durability, comfort, colour selection, thermal reactive colour changing effects and eco friendly dyes. The dye process has taken over 10 years to perfect and is the new 'Hyperfix formula' that protects against washouts of the colour changing technology and can be machine washed with store bought detergents and even ironed!

The original technology was from the cult brand 'Global Hypercolour' but the garments were very temperamental and failed if you washed them too hot or cold.  They haven't been seen since the early 90's!. So after 23 years, we here at Hypercraze have gone back to the future and reinvented hypercolour.

We’re bringing it back!!!

If you are Gen X you know exactly what we are talking about and by now are super excited!!

If you have no idea what this is all about, believe me, you'll want one.

HYPER: It’s the new Black!



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